District 33 International Speech Contest Winners are:

1) Melody Barooni

2) Eric Chen

3) Jim Dinning

District 33 Humorous Contest Winners are:

1) Heather Froehner

2) Lydia Cruz-Machlitt

3) Jackson Ho

District 33 District Director 2019-2020

In response to recent developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic and impact on our members, the District 33 Leadership Team has been working on ways to provide support district-wide. This includes providing webinar training on how to conduct virtual meetings and virtual speech contests. The District is also looking into providing Zoom accounts for each Division.

The District 33 Leadership is in close communication with Region 2 Toastmasters Leadership to obtain the latest information from TI World HQ. More information will follow within the next few days. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Please note that this same message will be emailed out to all Division and Area Directors, and Club Presidents in the district.

Best Regards,

Flora Turner, DTM

District Director, District 33

District Success Plan 2019-2020

To download a copy of the plan,  click here DISTRICT SUCCESS PLAN 2019-2020

Our goal: District 33 to be Smedley Distinguished.

We have 3 simultaneous requirements that must be met:

· Club Count

· Membership Payments

· Distinguished Clubs

We use several metrics to evaluate achievement:

· Educational awards are the metrics for member achievement.
· Distinguished Club Program provides the evaluation metrics for clubs to accomplish the club mission.
· Distinguished District Program provides the metrics for districts to accomplish the district mission.
· District 33 Leadership Team Goal is to be Smedley Distinguished

For most of the clubs in District 33, the top priority is membership building. The District supports clubs through:

1. Training: Shared resources and tools to help build club membership

2. Strategic analysis: Building awareness about the importance of planning membership building events in Jan/Feb – guests are more likely to commit, and more likely to renew

3. Incentives: District incentives designed to encourage membership building

4. Management: Understanding why renewals are turned in late in the first round and making a plan to avoid the same issue in the 2nd round.

The District encourages each Area Director to commit to build one new club by providing a new club lead, a sponsor, and a mentor.


 Incentives can be found on the  Resources Menu item. Scroll down to the  Incentives page.


 Welcome to The Wow!Factor Project!

The goal of this program is to increase the quality and performance of each club around the world. Assess how your club is performing. Find the gaps and areas of weakness. Give your completed check list to your club President who will discuss all the findings with everyone.

  Evaluate your club with the Club Quality Checklist.
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Revised Club Coach Program

You have gotten a lot out of toastmasters… now You can give back and apply to become a “club coach.”                 Club Coach Program Download flyer