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And welcome to the new Toastmasters Year! It is an exciting time as leaders step up, continuing their growth as Club or District Officers.  These leaders are here to support you. Our path to the north star starts with you, the member. Your growth and success begin when you Speak and Lead from Within.

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PQD: Igniting Excellence

Igniting Excellence: A Toastmasters Year Filled with Inspiration and happiness. As we embark on a brand new Toastmasters year, I am filled with enthusiasm and excitement as your Program Quality Director. It is my honor and privilege to serve alongside such a talented...

CGD: Let’s Achieve Our Goals

It is with great appreciation that I thank you for electing me Club Growth Director. I express my gratitude to the Toastmasters members for your dedication and support this upcoming year. Stepping into my new role is both challenging and exciting. Whether you have...

District 33 Speech Contest Results, 2023

2023 International Speech Contest Results1st Place Corey CofieldDivision A; Broads and Beaus Toastmasters Club2nd Place Orion Awa-DuboseDivision B; Sandpiper Toastmasters Club[ No Photo Available ] 3rd Place Christopher KeeleDivision D; Students of Speech (SOS)...

Hall of Fame: 2021-22 Year

Dear fellow Toastmasters, my friends and extended family. It was a pleasure hosting the Hall of Fame event and awards banquet for the 2021-22 year on Saturday 2/11/2023 at Luigi's Warehouse in Bakersfield, and via Zoom. Congratulations to all those recognized, for...

Early Bird April Renewal Incentive

View ALL 2022-23 Incentives How would you like to save money by paying our April renewal now? Galvanize only 50% of our club members to renew the April 2023 club dues and WIN BIG! Here’s how it works: Every member of every club who pays our April through September...

DEC Meeting, Nov 10, 2022 6PM

Members of the District Executive Committee: We have a short but important business meeting that requires your attention. Please preregister at: https://bit.ly/3WmyRJd, and plan to attend beginning 6:00 pm and ending by 6:45 pm Thursday, November 10, 2022. Please...

District Council & DEC Meetings

District Council & DEC Meetings

Saturday Morning, September 24, 2022 To all Club Presidents, and Vice President’s Education, and members of the District Executive Committee: Please register to attend the District Council Virtual meeting Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 9:30AM.  (A DEC meeting will be...

District 33 Training Program

The District supports all clubs and members by providing training and resources on various topics throughout the year.  Check out the District 33 Training Schedule and register for a training session (Zoom link).

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District 33 is led and supported by a team of District Officers and other leadership roles. The District is divided into geographic Divisions lettered A through G. (Map). Each Division is lead by a Division Director. The clubs in within each Division are organized into Areas, each of those lead by an Area Director.

District Incentives

Each year, District 33 develops unique rewards to recognize and encourage our members and clubs to reach specific milestones. View this years incentives  and discover what goals you and your clubs can set to earn extra recognition.

The District Calendar

View the schedule of District events for the entire 2022-2023 Year. Check back often as updates and refinements are made.
Note the as-of date in the top portion of the schedule when opening.

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The WestWord is the official newsletter of District 33 Toastmasters.

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