About District 33

Who We Are

District 33, or “D33” is a District of Toastmasters International and includes a large portion of central California. The district has eight divisions lettered A through H. The clubs in each Division are organized into Areas, each containing 4-6 clubs. The district’s mission is to build new clubs, and support all clubs in achieving excellence. There are approximately 136 clubs within District 33, and more than 1,500 members.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Distirct 33 to build new Toastmasters Clubs, and support all clubs in acheiving excellence.


Official Map

Note: Division D/E, and B/C boundaries are not geographically defined. The boundary between Chowchilla and Madera is also not geographically defined, but shown here from west to east follows Ave 14 to Road 16, then north along road 16 to Berenda Creek, then northeastward following Berenda Creek to the Madera Canal, then a straight line north to the county line, then following the county line northeastward.

Google Map

Unofficial, Work in Progress. Last update 2024-03-10. E. Browning

District Leadership

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