Club Sponsors, Mentors, & Coaches

Club Sponsors, Mentors, and Coaches all help support Toastmasters clubs, but each does so in a different and specific way. Here you’ll learn about these roles, and find the training, resources, and support to succeed.

What are these Roles?

Read the role summaries in the accordion section below. Filling these roles can help a Toastmaster work toward earning their DTM.

Club Sponsors

A Club Sponsor helps charter a new club by identifying a potential club, finding a location, recruiting members, collecting fees and doing the charter paperwork. A new club can have two sponsors. Once the club has successfully chartered, the sponsors work is technically complete.

Do you have an idea for a club, a club lead, or want to serve as a club Sponsor? Contact us.

Club Mentors

Club Mentors are experienced toastmasters who provide support and guidance through a new club’s first six months to one year. Mentors serve as advisors and tutors for these clubs, and have a great effect on the degree to which a new club succeeds. A new club can have up to two Mentors, and Mentors may choose to join the new club.

Interested in serving as a club Mentor? Contact us.

Club Coaches

Occasionally clubs may need direct support from the district in achieving excellence. A Club Coach is an experienced Toastmaster, officially appointed by the District Director or Club Growth Director to work with a struggling club to help that club become Distinguished. The club must have 12 or fewer members and have requested help from the District. The assignment lasts to the end of the current club year (June 30) if the club reaches Distinguished status or better by that date. If Distinguished Club status is not reached in the first year, the assignment is extended to the end of the next club year (the next June 30). The Club Coach cannot be a member of the the club until after the appointment is made.

If you are interested in serving as a club coach, please contact us