Congratulations, and thank you for all your efforts and hard work. We have achieved record-breaking attendance for Club Officer Training (COT) in Round 1. I’m pleased to report an astonishing 90% of our clubs have at least 4 trained Club Officers, and 80% of individual Club Officers have completed their training. These stellar results lay a strong foundation for excellence in the months ahead. Our Club Officers assuredly possess the tools to lead their clubs. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find the COT comprehensive report. Please contact if you have any questions or correction requests.

Thank you, Club Officers, who adjusted their personal schedule to attend the D33 COT training or other Districts.

Thank you to our COT Co-Chairs, Angelina Dickey, DTM, and Roxie Patterson, DTM.

Thank you to our entire Training Team for a successful Round 1. Everyone, please thank them when you next meet them.

District 33 Club Officer Training Training Team – Round 1, 2023-24
Alan Mann, DTMFlora Turner, DTMLiz Brenner, DTM
Angelina Dickey, DTMGail Taylor-Smith, PM5, VC4Maria Azevedo, DTM
Annie Hall, DTMGrace Rachow, DTM Michelle Reed, TC5 
Brad Stauffer, DTM, RAGreg Mauro, DTM Pamela Edwards, IP3
Brenda Yardeen, EC2Jackie Jones, SR3   Pete O’Bryan, DTM
Chris Hempleman, DTMJane Hanley, IP5, EH4Roberta Nadler, CC
Clarisse Kresser, DTM, PDD Jim Kearney, DTM6Roxie Paterson, DTM
Darnell Evans, DTMJohnnyah McLean, PM2Ryan Wojtyla, DL4, MS3 
David Lohman, DTMJulia Bach, DTM    Tim Mullins, DTM, PDD 
Diana Eggleton, DTM   Kathy Weiner, DTMWayne Sebera, DTM
Eric Browning, DL4, EH3Katy Porter, DTM, PDGYing-Ming Lee, DTM
Eumi Sprague, DL5, VC5Laura Crocket, DTM 
District 33 Club Officer Training Training Team – Round 1, 2023-24

Our next focus will be the significant task of achieving 100% club renewal by September 30, 2023. Clubs must renew at least 8 members to retain active status as a Toastmasters Club. It’s our responsibility to demonstrate how the rewards of continuous membership far outweigh the cost.

I invite you all to share your strategies and insights, which we will weave into our District-wide renewal drive. Let’s inspire our members to embrace the value of remaining part of our vibrant District 33 Toastmasters family.

Thank you so much for all you do for your personal development and our organization. As we continue this remarkable Toastmasters journey, remember that reaching the stars is an attainable reality. Our shared vision and collaboration will propel us to even greater heights.

Nico Martin, DTM
Program Quality Director, 2023-24
District 33 Toastmasters International

COT Training Results by Club

As of 9/1/2023

DivisionAreaClub NameNumber of individual Club Officers Trained Club Achieved the Minimum Required Training of 4 Club Officers
A1Plane Talk Toastmasters Club5YES
A1High Desert Toastmasters (HDTM)5YES
A1Talents Unlimited Club6YES
A1Broads and Beaus7YES
A1Yakety Yak Toastmasters5YES
A2Eye-Opener Toastmasters7YES
A2Pro Talk Toastmasters7YES
A2Citywide Wordwizards7YES
A2Special Edition7YES
A3Shoptalk Toastmasters Club5YES
A3Crown Valley Toastmasters7YES
A3Halo Halo Toastmasters Club7YES
A4Sound Barrier Toastmasters Club6YES
A4China LakeToastmasters Club7YES
A4Ridgecrest Possibilitarians7YES
A4The Rocketeers Toastmasters Club5YES
A4California City Toastmasters7YES
B1Ventura Toastmasters5YES
B1Ojai Valley Toastmasters Club6YES
B1Ventura Chamber Toastmasters5Yes
B1Avocado Toast(masters)5YES
B2Sandpiper Toastmasters Club3No
B2Los Amigos Bilingual Club3No
B2Ventura Sunrise Toastmasters Club7YES
B2Diversity Toastmasters5YES
B3Au Jus Club7YES
B3Point Mugu Toastmasters Club5YES
B3Channel Islands Club0No
B3Humor & Drama Club5YES
B3County Communicators Club2No
B3Influential U Toastmasters5YES
B4Camarillo Evening Club7YES
B4Fair Winds Club5YES
B4Heritage Valley Bilingual Toastmasters4YES
B4Evaluable Toastmasters7YES
B4Padre Serra Toastmasters6YES
C1Simi Valley Toastmasters Club7YES
C1Simi West Toastmasters4YES
C1Madera Toastmasters Club7YES
C1Simi Valley Business Toastmaster4YES
C2TGIF Toastmasters7YES
C2ACE Toastmaster Club7YES
C2Moorpark Toastmasters7YES
C3Conejo Valley Tm’s Club4YES
C3Thousand Oaks Toastmasters At Lunch (T.O.T.A.L.) Club5YES
C3Public Speaking 1017YES
C3Thousand Oaks Toastmasters5YES
C4Toast To The Master & Lord5YES
C4Amgen Noon Talkers Club1No
C4Leaders Pro7YES
C4Takeda SoCal Toastmasters4YES
C5Daybreakers Of Westlake Club5YES
C5Westlake Village Toastmasters4YES
C5Menu Masters7YES
C5Parliamentarian Toastmasters Club7YES
D1SLO Toastmasters7YES
D1Speakeasy Toastmasters Club4YES
D1South County Presenters6YES
D1TM Studios7YES
D1Wallace Group0No
D2SLO Noontime Toastmasters Club (5204)6YES
D2SLO Motion Toastmasters7YES
D2City Slickers5YES
D2Santa Maria Toastmasters6YES
D2Cal Poly Toastmasters7YES
D3Nina Toastmasters Club 804YES
D3Lompoc Valley of Flowers Toastmasters6YES
D3Valle De Santa Maria4YES
D3Students of Speech (SOS)3No
E1Goleta Valley Toastmasters4YES
E1Mission Chapter Toastmaster Club4YES
E1GoTo Toastmasters Club7YES
E1Ontraport Toastmasters7YES
E2Santa Barbara Toastmasters Club4YES
E2Woodland Toastmasters4YES
E2City Orators Toastmasters Club4YES
E2Presentation Pros Club6YES
E2CJ Affiliate By Conversant7Yes
E3Noventa Toastmasters Club5YES
E3Unity Speakeasy Club5YES
E3Figures of Speech7YES
E3Carpinteria Toastmasters5YES
F1Sunrise Toastmasters Club7YES
F1Foster Farms Roasters Club7YES
F1Linguistic Lynx7YES
F1Voces Latinas7YES
F1Big Shots7YES
F2Daybreakers Club5YES
F2Tuolumne Talkers Toastmasters Club5YES
F2Division F Leaders7YES
F3Toast Breakers Toastmasters Club6YES
F3Talk Of The Town Toastmasters Club6YES
F3Supper Club7YES
F3Samaritan Village Toastmasters2No
F3Speak EZ0No
F4Visionary Communication 7YES
F4Olive Branch Orators7YES
F4Turlock Chamber Speakers7YES
F4CSA Crusaders Toastmasters7YES
G1Phoenix Club6YES
G1T L C Toastmasters Club6YES
G1Yosemite Toastmasters6YES
G1City of Clovis Toastmasters2No
G2Visionary Business Communication7YES
G2The Water Spouts4YES
G2Division G Leaders7YES
G3Stellar Toastmasters Club7YES
G3Fresno City Toastmasters6YES
G3Central Valley Toastmasters7YES
G3BREAKAWAY Toastmasters Club7YES
G4Downtown Toastmasters3No
G4Visalia Toastmasters5YES
G4Hanford Toastmasters5YES
G4Boswell Toastmasters0No
H1Downtown Toastmasters Club7YES
H1Downtown Overachievers7YES
H1achieve For the Stars7YES
H1Division A Leaders7YES
H1DTM Toastmasters Club7YES
H2Golden Empire Club6YES
H2Gift of Gab7YES
H2Aera Toastmasters4Yes
H2Soul Speakers Toastmasters6YES
H2Chevron SJV4YES
H3Speak Up Toastmasters5YES
H3Membership Masters7YES
H3City Of Bakersfield4YES
H3Wonderful Orchards7YES
Club Officer Training Results 2023-24 Round 1 / Club Detail