How would you like to save money by paying our April renewal now? Galvanize only 50% of our club members to renew the April 2023 club dues and WIN BIG! Here’s how it works:

Every member of every club who pays our April through September 2023 renewals by February 1, 2023, will earn at least $5 each toward club expenses.

But wait! It gets even better: Every member who pays a year in advance in a club that has 10 members or 50% of its membership base joining in, will earn $10 toward club expenses.

Since most of us are going to renew, why not give our club the benefit of a cost savings? It might even get passed down in reduced club fees.

What to do:

1. Pay the October renewal of $45 and our April 2023 renewal of $45 by February 1, 2023.
2. Decide to promote your club to achieve renewal in advance for half of the membership base or 10 members.

This will earn $10 per renewal.
At minimum, our club will earn $5

3. Submit our club expense receipt, get it approved and receive a check for our credit
That’s cash for our club costs. That’s a cost the club won’t pass on to our members in increased club fees.

This credit is immediately available to the club. If you have any questions, please ask.

Debbie Allmon, DTM