“Gone but not forgotten, gone but ever here. No longer living in this world, but always and ever near.”

Latin for in memory of, the words in memoriam, followed by a name, have been found on monuments and gravestones since the days of the Roman empire. Here we honor the memory of those that served District 33.

Bobby Williams, DTM, PDG

March 2023

In early March 2023 we lost Bobby Williams, DTM, PDG, who served as District 33 Governor 1991-1992. Bobby lived in Ventura while serving District 33, then later moved to Las Vegas. He was formerly married to Mary Jones, DTM, PDG. He is remembered for his happiness and the way his face expressed his smile. District 33 achieved distinguished or better status for 16 consecutive years. Bobby achieved the last Distinguished District recognition in that 16 year span of time.

Dr. Viji Sundar, DTM

November 17, 2022

Dr. Sundar was a Toastmaster since January 2016. She was a member of, and served as a club officer of sever clubs in Division F, including Winning with words (Area F2), daybreakers Club (Area F3) Toast Breakers TM Club (Area F3) and CSA Crusaders Toastmasters (Area F4). Dr. Sundar was serving most recently as District 33’s Area F3 Director 2021-22.

Michael William Wronski, DTM

March 16, 2022

Michael was the Simi Valley Toastmasters Club President, VPE, SAA. Presidents Distinguished Division B Governor, Past District 33 Webmaster, and contributing editor of the D33 WestWord Newsletter. Founding member of Moorpark Toastmasters, and The Debate Club. Husband of Cheryl Wronski, DTM.

Linda Mann, DTM

January 13, 2022

Linda Mann was passionate about public relations, graphic design, and supporting others. She served in the role of District 33 Administration Manager, and Marketing Manager 2021-2022, and was also VP Public Relations for four of the nine clubs she was a member of. She was awarded Division C Toastmaster of the Year 2020-2021. She is survived by her husband, Allen Mann, DTM.