Webinar Training Sessions

Zoom Tips-Part 2

Presented by: Greg Mauro, Division G Director-Elect

Zoom Tips

Presented by: Greg Mauro, Area G1 Director

How to use Zoom + Breakout Rooms demonstration

Presented by: George Kao


Pathways Training                                             Presented by: Charles Hooper, DTM

For questions, email: Support@SpeakerClubs.com

Use these links to Download Links to Pathways HELP. Link to “Pathways Startup Simplified.pdf”.
This document has helped quite a few Toastmasters get started, successfully, in Pathways!
A one-page document to make sure you understand Level 1, in all Paths:
All 11 paths!
Enough details to help you pick the path that’s right for YOU!
It’s a summary page, and one detail page, per path.

Toastmaster Mentorship/Coaching

Hosted by: Jesse Brisendine


Due to technical difficulties, the first 30 minutes of the “Speech Contest Made Easy” Webinar was not recorded.

Speech Contests Made Easy

Hosted by: Immediate Past Division E Director and
past District 33 Logistics Manager, David Lohman, DTM

Use this link to Download the  “Contest Overview & Resource Links It’s Contest Time

Become A Club Coach          & Hosted by: Club Growth Director, Clarisse Kresser,  ACG, ALB and Program Quality Director, Joseph Skoda, DTM.   

  Download the PowerPoint using this link: PowerPoint for Club Coach-Sponsors-Mentors




Use this link to Download the:  Club coach troubleshooting guide – 

How to Plan a Successful Speech Contest Hosted by: Division K Director, Greg Bjorgo, DTM; Sherrie Parker, PDG, DTM; Division L Director, DaWane Wanek, ACG, ALB, LD5, TC5, VC5, SR5, MS5, EH1


Branding + Gavel Clubs
Presented by District 33’s Southern Nevada Program Quality Director, Steve Goldstein, DTM

Journey through Toastmasters
Presented by Area D3 Director, Roben Hall, CC, CL

Keep ‘Em Coming Back

            Presented by Inaugural Division M Director, Dr. David Lohman, DTM

Elevate Your Pathways Evaluations

  Presented by Past Distinguished District 33 Governor, Sherrie Parker, DTM

“Removing the Obstacles to Pathways” – Presented by D33 Pathways Guide, Malik Williams, DTM

“How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge” – presented by Division K Director, Distinguished Toastmaster, Greg Bjorgo

Club President –  Presented by Past Logistics Manager, Eric Riddle, DTM

The Power of Recognition Presented by Nevada Club Growth Director-elect, Minerva Honkala, DTM

Culture of Success Webinar Presented by District 33 Director, Guy Dawson, DTM

Teamwork Works Presented by Ted Corcoran, DTM, PIP

Vice President Education Presented by Darnell Evans, ACG, ALB

Finish Strong Presented by Kay Collis, DTM, PDG, PRA

Membership Webinar Presented by Kirkland Tibbels, DTM, Division B Director

District 33 Pathways Panel Webinar Panel includes: Laquita Dukes, DTM – Brenda O’Brien, DTM, PDG – Jamuna Ramnath, DTM, IPDD – Malik Williams, DTM

The 5 Stages of Leadership presented by Jesse Oakley, III, DTM, PDG, PRA

Area B-5 Director and MeetUp Expert,  Jason Kelley, CC, CL, shows members how to set-up and utilize MeetUp for growing your club’s membership

Vice President Public Relations – Club Officer Role – presented by Sarah Lawrence, ACB, CL – Jackpot Speakers

Flora Turner, DTM – Club Growth Director – California – “Why the District Charters New Clubs”

Club Treasurer’s Role presented by Phil Bateman, ACS, ALB District Finance Manager

Open House Success Tips from 2017-18 Club Growth Director-Nevada, Steve Goldstein, DTM

Guest Packet Tips from 2017-2018 Club Extension Chair, Sherrie Parker, DTM, PDG

Membership Growth and Retention – Katy Porter, DTM, PDG

The Truth is…Every Moment Counts – Program Quality Director, Tim Mullins, DTM

The Value of Being a Toastmasters Club Officer – Jamuna Ramnath, DTM, PDD

Meeting Members Needs – Sherrie Parker, DTM, PDG

Club Secretary – Linda Wordinger, DTM

Sergeant-at-Arms – Curtis Helt, DTM