Senior Leadership Team 2018-2019

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Tim Mullins, DTM
District Director
I initially joined Toastmasters so I could become a better listener because I thought I was already a good public speaker. Boy was I shocked, after just a few short weeks, to learn that I needed help, not only with my listening skills but my speaking and leadership skills as well.
Flora Turner, DTM
Program Quality Director - California
My Toastmasters’ journey began with a single speech about myself and the raising of a second family of five children. The feedback and encouragement from fellow members, mentors and sponsors made me feel that I had something special in me that I had not shared. This club that I was attending was working on organizing as a new club. Guiding the new Toastmasters Club as the Inaugural President, allowed me to use the leadership skills that I had developed during my nursing career. Our club, Y Talkers Toastmasters, achieved Select Distinguished for the 2010‐2011 term after chartering on March 14, 2011.
Steve Goldstein, DTM
Program Quality Director - Nevada
As the Program Quality Director for Southern Nevada I will be: • Promoting the Distinguished Club Program as well as the Distinguished Area and Division Programs • Promoting and supporting club quality and member retention • Overseeing the Education, Training and Toastmasters Leadership Institute in Southern Nevada • Aid all Area Directors with their club visits reports, supporting them with feedback and guidance. • Continue guidance for our Districts Branding compliance. • Roll out an incentive for every club that summits their conference flyer and program that is branded correctly will receive TI dollars and a grand champion for each division in Southern Nevada. • Prepare and plan for the transitions for the July 1, 2019 split into two districts • Ensure, support, and enforce that District 33 runs in accordance with the Toastmasters District Handbook. I will support Toastmasters International, our Regional Advisors, Our District Director, Tim Mullins, all the district officers. I further commit to serve the clubs in our District and make sure we all have fun doing it.
Kristin Baker
Club Growth Director - Southern Nevada
Joseph Skoda, DTM
Club Growth Director - California
I went through Leadership Training during my entire career as an Air Force Officer. When I retired from the Air Force after 21 years, I started a business a few years later but had trouble explaining to others what I did and ultimately was losing sales. A friend and fellow business owner invited me for some coffee and marketing training he said. It happened to be at a Toastmasters club in Arroyo Grande, CA. I’ve been a proud member of that club since 2013 and have embraced the training opportunities since day 1. I strongly believe that I didn’t learn to become a Leader till after I retired from the Military and joined Toastmasters. Toastmasters Rock!
Guy Dawson, DTM
Immediate Past District Director
I joined Toastmasters in 2007 with the goal of becoming a professional speaker. Somewhere along the way, I discovered that the leadership path is the one that allows me to be of maximum service to the members of Toastmasters.
Sarah Lawrence, ACB, ALB
Public Relations Manager
“When I was 15, my health teacher spoke of Toastmasters often. I looked into it and when I realized I had to be 18, it was soon filed in the back of my mind. Life happened, and although it would occur to me to check it out, I never did. Then in February of 2017, I stepped through the doors of Jackpot Speakers Open House! The energy was infectious, and although I promised myself I would take this commitment slowly, I found myself completely emerged in the Toastmaster culture. I have always loved public speaking. Toastmasters finally provided a place where I could speak and develop skills! Before long, I took on the role of club VPPR. It was a perfect fit! I loved spreading the word about Toastmasters. Being part of the Executive Committee helped my ability to be diplomatic; something I was lacking. The support and love from my club has been absolutely invaluable!
Bob Bobbe, ACG, ALB
Finance Manager
Deborah Morgan, ACS, CL
Administration Manager
Nadia Gilkes, DTM
Logistics Manager
Jesse Oakley III DTM, PDG, PRA