Incentives for July to September

Each year, District 33 creates rewards to recognize and encourage our members and clubs to reach specific milestones. In addition to those offered by Toastmasters International, we offer our own distinctive incentive programs for clubs and individual members to achieve a wide variety of goals.

Download the flyer and note the deadlines and criteria to claim your award.

Share the Toastmasters Experience with others

2… 4… 6… 8!   Adding members just feels great.

Do You Want To…

  • Add Excitement to your club?
  • Add Energy to your club?
  • Add Members to your club?
  • Achieve 2 DCP Goals before October 1st
  • Make (or Keep) your club Great?

Get some TI Bucks out of the deal?                                                                               Here’s what your Club needs to do:

Between July 1st and September 30th

  1. ADD 2 Members to your club and be awarded $25 TI Bucks
  2. ADD a total of 4 Members and be awarded $75 TI Bucks
  3. ADD a total of 6 Members and be awarded $125 TI Bucks
  4. ADD a total of 8 Members and be awarded $150 TI Bucks

It’s as simple as that!

New Club Building: July 1-September 30, 2019

The First Ten (10) Leads submitted for a Potential New Club that Successfully CHARTERS by the End of September 2019 will be Awarded as Follows:

  1. Members (non-district leaders) who provide a contact name to the Club Growth Director which leads to a “Kickoff/Launch meeting” that charters July 1- September 30 will receive a pizza party for their club. (Limited to $100.00).
  1. Each New Chartered club will receive a Club Banner (with custom lettering); a Banner Stand and a Toastmaster Lectern. ($300.00 value)

Contact: Clarisse Kresser, Club Growth Director, (  for assistance in setting up Launch meeting.

 Officers Trained – Round 1 –  June – August 30, 2019

Clubs that have all 7 officers trained will earn a 100% officers trained ribbon for their club banner.

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Club Ambassador?

Club Ambassador Flyer