Realignments & Operations Manual Changes

The Realignment recommendations are first presented to the District  Executive Committee by the Alignment committee.

There are no proposed realignment changes for Divisions E & G. 


 Changes to D33 Operations Manual

Once each year, districts must review and amend, if necessary, the alignment of the clubs, areas, and divisions within their boundaries. 

A district alignment committee is a group of district members appointed by the District Director and led by the alignment chair. The alignment chair ensures the committee prepares an alignment proposal and submits it to the District Executive Committee prior to the District Council meeting. In District 33, the District 33 Operations Committee performs the tasks of the Alignment Committee. 

Per Toastmasters Protocol 7.0.1, Alignment Considerations are:

  • At least three areas per division
  • No fewer than four clubs and no more than six per area
  • Geography of the District
  • Ability to participate in the Distinguished programs
  • Possible growth and possible loss of clubs in those areas and divisions
  • Changes anticipated by current district leaders
  • A strategy focused on the benefits for all
  • Low and ineligible clubs must be included

Districts may establish procedures to provide consistency and help guide district leaders from year to year. Procedures may be established and changed by either the District executive committee or the District Council.
District operating procedures may not be called “policy” or “protocol,” and they cannot duplicate, contradict or be more restrictive than Toastmasters International governing documents. Only Toastmasters’ Board of Directors may create policies.