New Division L – Proposed for 2018-2019

 New Division L – Southern Nevada

On November 30, 2017, fifteen of the sixteen areas in Southern Nevada  had  5  or  6  active  clubs.  The  realignment  committee  determined  realignment was in the best interest of current clubs and new clubs.

In Southern Nevada, recruiting Area  Directors is much easier  when  areas  have  four  or  five  clubs. Each year, our Area Directors  are trained to add 1 new club per area, thereby supporting   the   District   mission   statement.  The   realignment   committee recommended five divisions with 4 areas for a total of 20 areas.   Each area will start on July 1 2018 with either 4 or 5 clubs.

This realignment will better meet our  members’  needs in balancing their career, family, and volunteer efforts as members step up to  district leadership. The realignment committee  reviewed every club’s 5 year DCP performance,  meeting location, meeting day of the week, and meeting time. Secondarily, the areas / divisions were  scrutinized to ensure each area did not have multiple clubs meeting at the same day and time. And  lastly, to satisfy club requests to stay or move with the next realignment effort.

The Southern Nevada clubs approved the recommended alignment at the January 2018 Toastmaster Leadership  Institute. Thereby, allowing for the DEC and the district council to approve the realignment at the  Spring 2018 Conference. The realignment  will  take  effect  on  July  1  2018  for  the  2018-2019
DCP  term.

District  33  continues  to  adhere  to  Policy  7  District  Structure,  Section  1,  and subsection  D,  to  meet  the  members  needs  and  for  the  best  interests  of  all clubs.

The  five  page  detailed  club  listing  can  be  found  on  the  District  33 website under
resources or upon request.