District Leadership

As part of an international organization, District 33 must adhere to the  recent GDPR privacy regulations. To contact a member of our District Leadership Team, please use the Contact form found at the bottom of the home page for this website   ( https://d33tm.org/contact-us/  )  . Or,  click the envelope underneath each director. Kindly include the name of the leader that you want the  email  directed to.

The names of the Senior Leadership team, the Area and Division Directors are listed under this (District Leadership) menu item.  Place your mouse on the  words “District Leadership” to see the menus for the Senior Leaders, the Area and Division Directors.  Click to view the photos of all the District Leaders and  to read the messages from our Senior Leaders for the current term.

A map of  the new District 33 and a listing of all Area clubs can be found by clicking this link  https://d33tm.org/about/map-of-the-district/