District Leadership  Forms

The District Leadership Committee (DLC), which was chaired by Joseph S. Skoda, DTM, IPDD, has completed its nominations for elected offices. The report can be viewed here, and these candidates with their biographies as available here. Note also an important rule change detailed at the bottom of this page.

The District is still accepting applicants for a number of appointed positions listed below. Applicants for these positions should complete and submit all the forms to director@d33tm.org as soon as possible. These applications will be forwarded to the District Director-Elect for review and appointment following the election on 4/30/2022.

The Division E Directorship also has no nominees from the DLC. Members interested in running for Division E Director, should complete all the below forms and submit to director@d33tm.org as soon as possible, and no later than 4/23/2022.

Appointed Positions

See the table below for number of current applicants (as of 3/31/22)

  • Public Relations Manager
  • Administration Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Parliamentarian
  • Webmaster
  • Area Directors
Public Relations Manager 1
Finance Manager 1
Administration Manager 2
Logistics Manager 1
Webmaster 1
Area A1 Director
Area A2 Director 1
Area A3 Director
Area A4 Director 1
Area A5 Director 1
Area A6 Director 1
Area A7 Director
Area B1 Director
Area B2 Director
Area B3 Director
Area B4 Director 1
Area C1 Director 2
Area C2 Director 1
Area C3 Director 1
Area C4 Director
Area C5 Director
Area D1 Director 1
Area D2 Director 1
Area D3 Director
Area E1 Director
Area E2 Director
Area E3 Director
Area F1 Director 1
Area F2 Director
Area F3 Director
Area F4 Director 3
Area G1 Director 1
Area G2 Director
Area G3 Director
Area G4 Director 1


Bylaw Changes effecting this Election Cycle

On 1/18/2022 the updates for the October 25, 2021 Board of Directors meeting minutes were posted to the Toastmasters website. There has been an update to the District Administrative Bylaws, Article VII (e) effective for the upcoming elections cycle.

  • A candidate nominated by the District Leadership Committee who is not elected to the nominated office may be nominated from the floor for a maximum of one (1) additional office at the District Council’s annual meeting.
    • Please note, a candidate may apply to DLC for multiple roles, the DLC’s responsibility is to nominate the candidate for the best role. The intent of the change is so that any candidate may only run for a maximum of two roles either from nomination or the floor.
  • A candidate who is not nominated by the District Leadership Committee may stand as a floor candidate for a maximum of two (2) District officer roles at the District Council’s annual meeting.

Board of Director Meeting Minutes for December 20 have some important updates to Protocol 9.0 (6) and (9).

  • Protocol 9.0 (6)(E)(I)
    • Only District Council members’ contact information is provided. The contact information must include all available names, mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of the District Council.
  • Protocol 9.0(6)(R)
    • Candidates or their representative(s) may not send campaign communications once the District Council annual meeting begins.
  • Protocol 9.0 (9)(D)
    • When held, a Candidate Showcase must be fully in person or fully online to give each candidate an equal platform. An online Candidate Showcase may be prerecorded and posted no sooner than one (1) week before the District Council’s annual meeting.