District council meeting – MINUTES

There are two sets of minutes for the September Virtual District  Council Members to vote on for the following reasons:

The 2019 Annual conference was  the last conference held  before the District 33 Reformation (formed into two districts on July 1, 2019 — District 33 in California and District 115 in  Southern Nevada[Las Vegas]).

At the close of the Original District 33 meeting, the  group divided into two concurrently run meetings, one for each of the reforming districts. Voting members at these meetings were the voting members of the clubs that have been aligned to each of these districts.  Note that a committee of members who attended the 2019 Council meeting was established  to make the  necessary corrections for each set of minutes.

Minutes - Original District 33 District Council Meeting         MINUTES - BUSINESS MEETING - REFORMED DISTRICT 33