District 33 Communication and Leadership Award Procedures

What is The District 33 Communication & Leadership Award

It is a prestigious award that may be given to a non-Toastmaster who has made outstanding contributions in the areas of communication  and leadership.

Criteria of Award Recipients

Following are the criteria used for award recipient selection:

  • Must be a resident of the geographical area covered by District 33 and in particular, the host Division for the conference;
  • Must be a non-Toastmaster; can be a former Toastmaster;
  • Should have distinguished himself/herself as a leader or spokesperson for a worthy cause or purpose, especially as it exemplifies their communication and leadership skills;
  • Shall have made a significant contribution to a community within the District. The impact of this contribution must not be limited to one organization, but must be community/district wide.
  •      Should support the Toastmasters organization;
  •     This award may not be presented to a recipient a second time.
  •     *  *  * Must  be  able  to  personally  accept  the  award  and  give  an acceptance   address  at the   District  33  Annual  Conference; and,
    ▪       Must be a skilled communicator/speaker.

A person who has become a civic official, a business leader, an academic leader, or who is successful in other fields of endeavor would be an excellent nominee.

Award Recipient Selection Process

1. Any District 33 Toastmaster in good standing may submit a nomination for the award. Only nominations submitted by Toastmasters in District 33 will be considered.
2.  Nominations must be made in writing on the Nomination Form, or a similar format, providing
reasons why the nominee should be considered for the award.
3.  Nominations  must  be  submitted  to  the  Communication  &  Leadership Award   Chair   by
the   published   nominations   due   date.    This date will be set sufficiently early to allow
the District Director to review all nominations and to reach a decision as to the award recipient
at least four weeks prior to the Annual  Conference.
4.  The District Director’s designated representative Chair will review all nominations sent with the nomination form  by Toastmasters in District 33 on or before the due date,
5.  The District Director will decide which nominee, if  any, is worthy of the
award. The District Director may consult the District Executive Committee to assist with the
decision.  A majority vote of the Executive Committee at may be performed via email.
6.  If a majority of the Executive Committee feels that no nominations merit the award, then no
award will be made for that conference or term.
7.  If an award is to be given, the District 33 Director will contact the recipient, tell him/her
that he/she has been chosen to receive the award, advise the recipient that he/she must make an
acceptance address at the Annual  Conference as a condition of receiving the award, and advise of
all other pertinent  details.  The  lunch  on  Saturday  of  the  Annual  Conference  is the
preferred  time  for  the  award.  However, the  award recipient and the District  Director may
mutually agree upon another time during the conference.
8.  If  the  chosen  recipient  cannot  make  an  acceptance  address  or cannot personally accept
the award or chooses not to accept the award, then the District  33  Director  will
select  another  recipient  for the award.  If  another recipient is chosen, then the District 33
Director will contact that individual in accordance with Step #7 above.
9.   On  or  about  the  award  announcement  date,  the  District  33  Director  will
announce the name of the award recipient or announce that there not be an award presented for the year.

Specifics of the Award Process for 2020:

  • Send nomination forms and questions about the process to the District 33 Director: Flora Turner, DTM

Email: toastmasterfloraca@gmail.com

Nominations must be received by March 21, 2020

  • Award Presentation Date: April 25, 2020
  • DoubleTree by Hilton, Modesto | 1150  9th Street  Modesto, CA 95354

Communication & Leadership Award Submission Form