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District 33 Club Ambassador Program (CAP) 

Thank you for your interest in the District 33 Club Ambassador Program (CAP). The time frame for the 2019-20 District 33 CAP is from July 1st – April 15th. The CAP encourages visits to other clubs in the district and rewards the member’s growth through this exploration experience. It also recognizes the best practices reported across the district.


  • New ideas to bring back to and rejuvenate your home club
  • Confidence from speaking in front of unfamiliar audience
  • The satisfaction of helping in a meeting function
  • New contacts and meaningful connections to promote your personal growth!
  • Recognition of your adventurous spirit while building our district from the “inside out”
  • The greatest reward for you is the experience!


  • New ideas from the ambassador
  • The ambassador may be interested in a “dual membership” in the visited club
  • More knowledge and confidence for the existing club members
  • Advertise on your website or club page that you are welcoming Club Ambassadors!


  • FIRST: Visit, between July 1st and April15th, any club in which you are NOT a member. Visit as many clubs as you can to get a variety of ideas, different contributions and diverse experiences from those Toastmaster Clubs. NOTE: Only one visit to any club will be counted.
  • SECOND: Have fun at the meeting as you observe, take notes and promote the CAP
  • THIRD: Complete your Club Ambassador Report  by clicking  the link above to submit your report to the Immediate Past District Director (IPDD)
  • NOTE: Area and Division directors can participate by visiting clubs outside of their area or division


  • Pick any club you haven’t visited. Contact the club to confirm it is meeting on the published date/time/location. Offer to be assigned a role or to be a guest speaker and included in the meeting agenda or say you just want to visit and observe.
  • Visit the club during a regular meeting
  • Announce yourself as an Ambassador, promote the CAP, its benefits and encourage others to participate in the Club Ambassador Program
  • Observe the meeting details, participate and take note of the club practices you admired the most and best practices you would take back to your own club.
  • Take pictures (optional)


  • REMEMBER… “The job’s not complete until the paperwork’s done”
  • Submit your report as soon as possible after your visit (the same day is best) Click the link “Submit Report”  above and the CAP form will appear.
  • List the observed best practices and what you would implement in your own club.
  • Visit more clubs! Above all, have fun exploring different clubs!


Each time you visit a club and  submit your Club Ambassador Report, you will be credited with an OFFICIAL Club Ambassador visit.

Complete a total of 5-9 club visits to be recognized at the Annual Conference with a: BLUE AMBASSADOR Award     

Complete a total of 10-14 club visits to be recognized at the Annual Conference with a: RED AMBASSADOR Award

Complete a total of 15-19 club visits to be recognized at the Annual Conference with a: SILVER AMBASSADOR Award

Complete a total of 20+ club visits,  you will be recognized at the Annual Conference with a:  

The District 33 member who visits the most clubs and submits the most reports during the Club Ambassador Program will be declared:

Club Ambassador of the Year

How to find a club to visit – go to this link to “find a club”   and locate clubs that fit into your schedule.