Area Directors 2019-2020 – Divisions A through D

To contact one of our Area Directors, please complete the “Contact Form” found on the home page of this website Or, double click the envelope underneath each Director. Include the name of the director so that your website team can forward the email.

To view the clubs in each area, along with their websites, if any,  click this link to visit Our District 2019-2020 page.

Heidi Forsythe, IP4
Area A-1 Director
Francina van der Hoek, ACS, ALB
Area A-2 Director
Karen Aguirre, DL1
Area A-3 Director
Leslie Boyle, ACB, CL
Area A-4 Director
Deborah Allmon, DTM
Area A-5 Director
Joe Montgomery, ACG, CL
Area A-6 Director
Tan Pham, CC, CL
Area B-1 Director
Mark Frankcom, CC
Area B-2 Director
Lynn Nguyen, IP2
Area B-3 Director
Brenda Terzian, CC
Area B-4 Director
Jeanne Munesato, DTM
Area B-5 Director
Jaya Paspuleti, ACB, ALB
Area C-1 Director
Brian Rafaelson, ACB, CL
Area C-2 Director
Troy Howard, VC4
Area C-3 Director
Julia Bach, IP3
Area C-4 Director
Fiorella Rios, CC
Area C-5 Director
Karolyn London, ACG, CL
Area D-1 Director
David Lohman, DTM
Area D-2 Director
Joseph Cedillos, ACB
Area D-3 Director
Ronald Cockrell, ACG, ALB
Area D-4 Director