Our District

Division A

Division Director

Clarisse Kresser, CC

Area A1
Area Director 

Andrea Von Schriltz, ACB


270 Golden Empire Club
6076 Chow Chatters Toastmasters Club
950445 Chevron Toastmasters Club
1035764 Straight Talk Toastmasters
6538828 Metamorfosis
Area A2
Area Director 

Jessica Renee Fountain, CC, CL

384 Sound Barrier Toastmasters Club
853 China Lake Toastmasters Club
3649 NASA Armstrong Toastmasters
644417 Ridgecrest Possibilitarians
6606111 The  Rocketeers Toastmasters Club
Area A3
Area Director

Stephanie Farrington, ACS, ALB

1675 Eye-Opener Toastmasters
8243 Pro Talk Toastmasters
720901 Citywide Word Wizards
1227591 Broads and Beaus
1890632 Special Edition
Area A4
Area Director

Tavia Wooley, ACS, ALB

543 Plane Talk Toastmasters Club
3647 High Desert Toastmasters (HDTM)
4177 Talents Unlimited
1529843 Y Talkers
Area A5
Area Director

Megan J. Burford,  ACB, ALB

3470 Gift of Gab
7374 Downtown Toastmasters Club
8487 Speak Up Toastmasters
1371020 Aera Toastmasters
5820122 Eagle Eye Club
Area A6
Area Director

Caroline Rodriguez-Bernal, ACS, ALB

2867 Speakers In The Wind Toastmasters Club
8238 Shop Talk Toastmasters Club

Division Director

Kirkland Tibbels, DTM

Area B1
Area Director

Dan Collier, ACS, CL

1224 Sandpiper Toastmasters Club
2253 Vibrant Voices
7256 Ocean View Toastmasters
7352 Humor & Drama Club
3919454 Elite Toastmasters
Area B2
Area Director

Catrina Paez, ACB, CL

879 Au Jus Club
1075 Point Mugu Toastmasters Club
2224 Los Amigos Club
8400 Toastmasters X-L Club
9433 County Communicators Club
2299061 Ventura County Master Communicators
Area B3
Area Director 

Wendee Smith, ACS, ALB 

947 Camarillo Evening Club
2858 Channel Islands Club
9427 Fair Winds Club
1192871 VC Star Toastmasters
3403680 Real Talk
5947588 SSI (Successful Speaking Introverts)
Area B4
Area Director

Ben Swihart, ACB, CL

5575 Ventura Sunrise Toastmasters Club
1196181 County Speak Toastmasters Club
1447568 Ventura Powerpoint Toastmaster
5446704 Patagonia Toastmasters
5570391 Padre Serra Toastmasters
Area B5
Area Director

Jason Kelley

24 Ventura Toastmasters
4717 Ojai Valley Toastmasters Club
800498 Poinsettia Toastmasters
1810140 Ojai Evening Toastmasters

Division C

Division Director

Maurice Elkins, ACS, ALB

Area C1
Area Director

Kristin Baker, CC, ALB

3105 Wordsmiths Toastmasters Club
6639 H2Orators Toastmasters
7634 Voice Links Toastmasters
1463122 NLV Tech Pros
5186332 Morelli House Toastmasters
Area C2
Area Director

Summer Rabb, ACB, CL

7269 Speakers & Leaders of Summerlin
9847 Toast Of Sierra Toastmasters Club
1527138 Opening Doors
4225109 Action Toastmasters
4537106 Lunchtime Talkers
5488317 Healers & Squealers
Area C3
Area Director

Nadia Gilkes, ACB, ALB

2295 Say Watt Club
6150 Bon Appetit Club
1039633 Desert Democrats
3735516 Vegas Speak-eazzze
Area C4
Area Director

Joseph Ostrowski, ACS, ALB

2462 High Noon Lectern Club
8094 Energizers Club
8417 Northern Voices Club
869803 Viva Las Voices Club
4948682 Henderson Toasters

Division D

Division Director

Minerva Honkala, DTM

Area D1
Area Director

Coey Humble, ACS, ALB

2628 Windjammers Club
4905 Lion’s Roar Club
7899 Las Vegas Power Talkers Club
726318 Toastmasters @ the V Club
5413156 Express Yourself
Area D2
Area Director

Liz DelSignore, ACS, ALB

736 Aces of Inspiration Blue
2611 Centennial Hills Toastmasters
3254 I’ll Drink To That Toastmasters Club
9324 LAMBDA Linguists
1827293 Holistic Toastmasters
Area D3
Area Director

Kelvin Bell, ACB, ALB

7938 Sourcer-Ers Club
932959 Colorado River Toastmasters
976032 UNLV Toastmasters
3628650 Voz Latina
6562540 Sage Leaders
Area D4
Area Director

Sean Scruggs, ACB, ALB

849625 Toastmasters en Espanol
1297007 Las Vegas Toastmasters
1577321 Innuendo Toastmasters
4413717 Aces of Inspiration Green
5488398 Pro Toastmasters

Division Director

Joseph Skoda, DTM

Area E1
Area Director

Chris DeCollibus, ACG, CL

83 San Luis Obispo Tm’s Club
9797 Speakeasy Toastmasters Club
639047 North County Toast “N” Talk
930206 Above the Grade
Area E2
Area Director

Sherrie Goodrich, ACS, ALB

80 Nina Toastmasters Club
89 Santa Maria Toastmasters Club
585189 Pinta Club
1003144 Lompoc Valley of Flowers Toastmasters
5870754 City Slickers
Area E3
Area Director

Cindy Whelan, ACB, CL

90 Noventa Toastmasters Club
7510 Unity Speakeasy Club
8327 Whitehatters Ovation Club
9203 Whine and Dine Club
4020897 Carpinteria Toastmasters
Area E4
Area Director

Nevena Golubovic, CL

5 Santa Barbara Toastmasters Club
3051 Woodland Toastmasters
8479 City Orators Clubs
687474 Presentation Pros Club
3861531 Tell It Easy
Area E5
Area Director

Nisa King, ACS, ALB

5204 SLO Noontime Toastmasters Club
7157 Central Coast Communicators Club
834852 South County Presenters
1389069 SLO Motion Toastmasters
Area E6
Area Director

Wayne Lenhard, ACB

878 Goleta Valley Toastmasters
1433 Mission Chapter Toastmaster Club
907017 GoTo Toastmasters Club
1431768 Toastmasters@UCSB
1850064 CJ Affiliate by Conversant
5203507 ToastFolio

Division F

Division Director

Ramika Lawson, CC, CL

Area F1
Area Director

Jackie Alford, ACS, ALB

4333 Sunrise Toastmasters Club
7302 Talk Show Toastmasters Club
924091 Foster Farms Roasters Club
2100704 Linguistic Lynx
3004526 Talk It Up Toastmasters
3984300 Big Shots
Area F2
Area Director

Preston Mous, CC

6990 Tuolumne Talkers
1129031 REO Speech Train
2072172 Yosemite Toastmasters
2847655 Winning with Words
Area F3
Area Director

David Spector, CC, ALB

3494 Smart Talkers Club
5353 Supper Club
2423252 Put A Cork In It
4439635 CSA Crusaders
Area F4
Area Director

Gabriel Vasquez, CC

4295 Talk Of The Town Toastmasters Club
8527 Voices of the Valley Toastmasters
652890 Samaritan Village Toastmasters
2105184 Olive Branch Orators
3651949 Seal the Deal
4017499 Turlock Chamber Speakers
Area F5
Area Director

Viji Sundar, ACG, ALB

1388 Daybreakers Club
3389 Toast Breakers Toastmasters Club
2339675 Central Valley Communicators
2558090 Speak EZ
5858888 1010 Townhall Talking Heads

Division G

Division Director

James Comegys, ACB, ALB

Area G1
Area Director

Rudy Crook, CC

1369 Phoenix Club
6708 T L C Toastmasters Club
887001 Atomic Toastmasters Club
1570896 Central Valley Toastmasters
Area G2
Area Director

Yin Sophat, CC, CL

3508 Federal Club
7001 Transportation Toastmasters of Fresno
7705 Wordmasters
657943 Clovis Speechmasters Toastmasters
3653176 The Water Spouts
Area G3
Area Director

Donald Kendig, ACB, ALB

135 Sierra Toastmasters Club of Fresno
233 Stellar Toastmasters Club
1352669 Fresno City Toastmasters
4391191 BREAKAWAY Toastmasters
5399225 Spicy Speakers
Area G4
Area Director

Cindy Bean, ACB, ALB

828 Orangebelt Toastmasters Club
2302 Downtown Toastmasters
1444338 Visalia Toastmasters
1599838 Speech Conductors
4405971 Exeter Toastmasters
4680115 Hanford Toastmasters

Division H

Division Director

Heather Sobczak, CC, ALB

Area H1
Area Director

Leo Blundo, CC, CL

1681 Summerlin Sounders Club
1970 Pahrump Toastmasters Club
6773 Powerhouse Pros
9942 Burnt Toast II Club
811670 Safety First Toastmasters
Area H2
Area Director

Kathy Kingston, ACB, ALB

402 To Your Health
2746 Grand Central Toastmasters
3883 Starmasters Toastmasters Club
755637 New Life Trail Blazers Toastmasters Club
1225447 Smart Mouth Toastmasters
Area H3
Area Director

Emily Hill, ACS, ALB

4023 Early Risers Toastmasters Club
4055 Business Masters Toastmasters Club
1259570 Vegas Young Professionals Toastmasters
1490996 Cheers
5339971 Hail Caesar
Area H4
Area Director

Jarvis Marlow, ACB, ALB

1397341 Mega Watts Toastmasters
2199081 Blue Flame Masters
3698762 Renaissance Speakers Las Vegas
5363923 Toga Masters

Division Director

Wayne Sebera, DTM

Area J1
Area Director

Biswanath Dash, CC, ALB

3533 Simi Valley Toastmasters Club
4057 Power Speakers
776147 Madera Toastmasters Club
2219469 Becoming Awesome Communicators
Area J2
Area Director

Satishkumar Ganesan, ACS, ALB

6083 Speak and Eat Toastmasters
9557 Simi Risers
1038926 ACE Toastmaster Club
1038927 Moorpark Toastmasters
2969820 Toastmac’ers
Area J3
Area Director

Cathy Svitek, ACB

1864 Conejo Valley TM’s Club
1934 T.O.T.A.L. Club
6765 Rhetorical Link Toastmasters Club
2847612 Thousand Oaks Toastmasters
5452875 T.O. Toastmasters
Area J4
Area Director

Thor Challgren, ACS, ALB

131 Orient Express Club
789 Powerful Voices Club
3467 Toast To The Master & Lord
4230 Amgen Noon Talkers Club
Area J5
Area Director

Bozena Chorazewicz, ACB, ALB

3332 Daybreakers Of Westlake Club
7548 CLU Expressionists Club (CLUE)
610346 Voice Ambassadors Club
1757924 PennyMac ToastMac’ers
2549330 Westlake Village Club

Division K

Division Director

Robert Avila, ACB, ALB

Area K1
Area Director

Bill Bruninga, ACS, ALB

2470 Saturday Morning Live Toastmasters Club
5405 Chamber Voices Club
9366 Republican Toastmasters Club
2852298 Bolder Voices
4386943 BDG Toastmasters
Area K2
Area Director

Peggy Printz, ACS, ALB

4893 Valley Voices & Vices Club
115896 Veritas Speaks
1949335 Devry Toasters
3022537 Corporate Power Talkers
Area K3
Area Director

Gregory Bjorgo, ACG, ALB

2180 Jackpot Speakers
9758 Summerlin Toasters Club
5331552 Caeze the Toast
5572464 Leaders & Entrepreneurs TMC
Area K4
Area Director

James Platt, ACS, ALB

3374 Bachelors/Bachelorettes Club
795528 H&B Speak Easy
1281610 Henderson Toastmasters
4188313 Z’ Toasters