2018-2019 Division Directors

All of the District 33 clubs for each division can be found on the top menu under  “About” at:   https://d33tm.org/our-district-2018-2019/”

  To contact one of our Division Directors, please complete the “Contact form”  found on the home page of this website https://d33tm.org/contact-us/.  Include the name of the director so that your website team can forward the email.

Clarisse Kresser, CC
Division A Director
Jeanne Munesato, ACS, ALB
Division B Director
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Michael Campbell, DTM
Division C Director
Kelvin Bell, ACS, ALB
Division D Director
Ron Guibault, DTM
Division E Director
JackieLynn Alford, ACS, ALB
Division F Director
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Rudy Crook, CC, ALB
Division G Director
Kathleen Kingston, ACS, ALB
Division H
Bozena Chorazewicz, ACG, ALB
Division J Director
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Greg Bjorgo, DTM
Division K Director
DeWane Wanek, ACG, ALB
Division L Director
David Lohman, DTM
Division M Director