2018-2019 Area Directors

All of the District 33 clubs for each area can be found on the top menu under “About” at: https://d33tm.org/our-district-2018-2019/

To contact one of our Area Directors, please complete the “Contact Form” found on the home page of this website https://d33tm.org/contact-us/.  Include the name of the  director so that your website team can forward the email.

Andrea Von Schriltz, CC
Area A-1 Director
Garrick Gregory, ACB, CL
Area A-2 Director
Stephanie Farrington, ACS, ALB
Area A-3 Director
Tavia Wooley-Iles, ACS, ALB
Area A-4 Director
Megan Burford, ACB, ALB
Area A-5 Director
Caroline Rodriguez, ACS, ALB
Area A-6 Director
Danielle Bacon-Anthony, ACS, CL
Area B-1 Director
Mary Ann Pham
Area B-2 Director
Paul Kistler, ACS, ALB
Area B-3 Director
Mark Lager, DTM
Area B-4 Director
Paul Faust, ACS, ALB
Area B-5 Director
Romelda Williams, ACS, ALB
Area C-1 Director
Nancy Garlinger, ACS, ALB
Area C-2 Director
Kellie McMaster, CC, ALB
Area C-3 Director
Jodi Shepler, ACS, ALB
Area C-4 Director
Jean Williams
Area D-1 Director
Luzette Pressley, ACS, ALB
Area D-2 Director
Roben Hall, CC, CL
Area D-3 Director
Darah Wachowiak, ACB
Area D-4 Director

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