2018-19 Area Directors – Divisions J-M

All of the District 33 clubs for each area can be found on the top menu under “About” at https://d33tm.org/our-district-2018-2019/

To contact one of our Area Directors, please complete the “Contact Form” found on the home page of this website https://d33tm.org/contact-us/. Include the name of the director so that your website team can forward the email.

Linda Kroll, ACS, CL
Area J-1 Director
Rajikka Natkunanathan, ACB, ALB
Area J-2 Director
Eric Browning, CC, CL
Area J-3 Director
Dave Boberg, PM2
Area J-4 Director
Steven Medina, ACB, CL
Area J-5 Director
Brian Kitt, ACB, ALB
Area K-1 Director
Peter Swan, ACB, ALB
Area K-2 Director
Andrea Scully, ACB, ALB
Area K-3 Director
Anita DellaCroce
Area K-4 Director
Sandra Stahl, ACB, ALB
Area L-1 Director
Kris Hostetter, CC
Area L-2 Director
Jennifer Brown
Area L-3 Director
Karen Johnson, ACB, ALB, EC1
Area L-4 Director
Ashley Harkey, CC
Area M-1 Director
David Beard, ACS, ALB
Area M-2 Director
Mayra Ramos, CC
Area M-3 Director
Vanecca Phelps, ACG, ALB
Area M-4 Director